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In-Person Consultation:

Typically we need to examine you in person to find out each person's unique features and what needs to be done to facilitate the crease formation. This is best achieved through a free In-Person Consultation that you can schedule through my office staff at the locations listed. I will explain the process to you based on your findings. Photos of our results may be shared with you, as well as some classical drawings from my textbooks that illustrate concepts.

Double eyelid surgery--Process involved during Procedure:

The procedure is typically performed in an outpatient setting (or day surgery outpatient surgery center) using local anesthetics administered by Dr.Chen. Pre-medications may include sedative and analgesics. Typically we book an hour. Someone need to accompany you when you are discharged upon completion of the procedure.

Postop followup:

At one week, all sutures are removed during an office return visit. Patients are asked to return in two months for a followup if possible. (VIPatients from outside of Southern California are encouraged to stay in touch and have followup through any other means of communications.)

Ready to move forward?

When you do decide to move forward, my staff will help you reserve the time slot, answer any logistic questions and complete any necessary registration as well as payment process.